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Accelerated Orthodontics

Do you need your teeth straightened, but can't commit to a full orthodontic treatment?

What is Accelerated Orthodontics?

Do you need your teeth straightened, but can't commit to a full orthodontic treatment? Accelerated orthodontics is a new and growing option for those who want the benefits of traditional braces without the hassle of waiting years to get the job done. With accelerated orthodontics 89117, your teeth will be moved faster than they would normally. Whereas traditional braces take anywhere between one to three years to straighten your teeth, accelerated orthodontics will get the job done in three to eight months.

Accelerated Orthodontics Procedure

Accelerated orthodontics works just like normal braces, but with some minor changes. First, some of the crowded teeth need to be slimmed down to decrease their width. This allows your teeth to straighten out without them overlapping. It may also lessen the need for tooth extractions, which is a common step in traditional orthodontics. Another change with accelerated orthodontics is the minor periodontal surgery that takes place about a week after your braces are attached. The procedure involves altering the gums and jawbone slightly to allow for faster movement of the teeth. The surgery is done under local anesthesia, so the patient feels no more than a bit of discomfort as in a dental cleaning. Early on, the patient may experience some itching due to the movement of the teeth.

Cost & Eligibility

Accelerated orthodontics can be an effective option for most patients who are eligible for traditional orthodontic braces. Most types of braces are compatible with accelerated orthodontics, including metal, ceramic, and lingual braces. Like traditional braces Las Vegas, accelerated orthodontics often requires patients to wear a retainer occasionally after the braces are removed to prevent the teeth from returning to their original flawed positions. The cost of accelerated orthodontics is typically about the same as a traditional orthodontic treatment because it requires the work of several specialists. Costs range between $2,000 and $6,000, but may not be covered by insurance. Many orthodontists offer payment plans. Call our offices to schedule an appointment or for more information about accelerated orthodontics. 

For more information about Accelerated Orthodontics/Accelerated Braces please call 702.660.2256 or request an appointment here to schedule a visit.

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“Dr. Nguyen is an amazing orthodontist. For the past two years, I have been visiting Braces Las Vegas for my orthodontic treatments and I finally got my braces off last week and the results are just amazing! My teeth have never been this straight and now I can smile in confidence.”

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