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Traditional Metal Braces

What to expect

About Metal Braces - The Benefits

Most common type of braces.

Most affordable type of braces.

Smaller, flatter, and more comfortable today than in the past.

Made of high-grade stainless steel.

Excellent, proven results in straightening teeth.

How metal braces move the teeth

The archwire is bent by our dentist Las Vegas to mirror the shape of your teeth the way you want them to look. As the wire attempts to straighten itself out, it puts pressure on your teeth and this force gradually moves them over time.

What To Expect Before Placement

Not everyone is a good candidate for braces. Before braces are placed, your orthodontist must determine whether or not braces are appropriate for your situation. Dental X-rays, molds, and impressions help your orthodontist 89117 determine the best course of action to take. If your dentist Las Vegas determines you are a good candidate for braces, then you will be ready for placement.

A Painless 3-Step Placement Process

1. Apply the high-grade metal brackets to the front of each tooth using an adhesive.

2. Insert the archwires between the brackets.

3. Fasten them down using fitted ligatures (i.e. elastics).

What to Expect After Placement

After initial placement, braces must be adjusted every month or two to keep constant pressure on the teeth. This pressure is what gradually moves the teeth closer and closer together for a straightened appearance. Traditional metal braces can take anywhere between six months to two and a half years for full treatment.

Any Questions? Let Us Help!

If you have any questions regarding traditional metal braces or other options we offer such as Invisalign®, please contact us or call our Orthodontics practice in Las Vegas at 702.660.2256 to assist you with your questions and concerns. 

A consultation with our orthodontist Las Vegas can help you determine which type of braces are the best fit based on your needs.

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“Dr. Nguyen is an amazing orthodontist. For the past two years, I have been visiting Braces Las Vegas for my orthodontic treatments and I finally got my braces off last week and the results are just amazing! My teeth have never been this straight and now I can smile in confidence.”

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