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Benefits of Straight Teeth Las Vegas

How straight teeth can improve your appearance, hygiene, and health.

There are several benefits of straight teeth, some are obvious, such as appearance, but there are probably a few you may not have heard about.

Oral Hygiene

When you have straight teeth, they are easier to clean. In contrast, crooked crowded teeth provide hiding places for food debris, which can increase your chances for accumulating bacteria and plaque. As this bacteria builds up, it hardens into plaque and eventually tarter. The opposite is also true. Having too much space between teeth can also result in larger pieces of food getting lodged between teeth. This means cavities and gum disease are more likely to happen. 

Gingivitis is a common problem for people with crooked teeth. Gingivitis can develop into periodontitis, which affects the gums, tissues and the jawbone supporting your teeth. Having straight teeth allows you to brush and floss more areas of your teeth and gums, which contributes to a healthier mouth. Your gums will fit more comfortably and securely around each individual tooth, preventing bits of food from lodging between your teeth.

Physical and Psychological Benefits

It’s also easier to chew and speak with straight teeth. When your teeth are not straight, it increases the chances of chipping a tooth. Straight teeth cause less stress on the bones that support your mouth. 

The most important psychological reason to have your teeth straightened is to feel good about your smile. Both kids and adults, who are shy about smiling, laughing or having their picture taken, will feel more relaxed knowing that their teeth look straight and even.

Personal Appearance

It may seem shallow to think that people might judge you based on the straightness of your teeth, but it’s a pretty common. If you ask most people whether they find straight teeth appealing, they will admit they do. You can benefit from more self-confidence when your teeth look their best. When you get your teeth straightened to properly align your bite, you cut down on the amount of stress your teeth and bones experience. You will be able to walk around with a smile you are proud of. 

How do you get that great looking Hollywood smile? These days people have the option of metal braces or clear braces. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Metal braces are slightly more effective at moving teeth than clear braces, but clear braces 89117 are much less noticeable. However, clear braces cost more than metal braces. 

If you don't have time to wait for braces and want fast results, porcelain veneers are wafer-thin shells that are bonded to the front side of teeth to improve their cosmetic appearance. Veneers are also sometimes used with braces in cases of broken, chipped, or severely stained teeth. 

These days, most people have a choice about whether to go through life with crooked teeth. If you want to talk to an experienced dentist about how to have straighter teeth and a better life, then please call our Las Vegas Orthodontic practice at 702.660.2256 or schedule an appointment today.

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